The Sunshine Room

Here’s a collection of some of the drawings I did as I  watched the 2014 World Cup. As World Cups go, it was a good one, and more importantly, provided plenty of comic material (and that was just Brazil)

The build-up

Pressure was building for FIFA President, Sepp Blatter before the tournament, but he had the situation under control:


However, the excitement mounted as he arrived in Sao Paulo for the opening ceremony:


Those troublesome questions just wouldn’t go away, but, as ever, Sepp had a solution:


The group stage

Thankfully, the tournament had got off to a great start, meaning I was able to stop relying on Star Wars parodies. Spain provided some early entertainment, with a performance that rolled back the years and reminded us all of a time when they were amusing underachievers. They lost 5-1 to the Netherlands, with Robin Van Persie scoring the pick of the…

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