The idea is to use this lightweight affordable robot for telepresence. One thing I don’t understand is the fact that how this device is  different from a mere video conferencing application. Would people really spend that extra $99 for an extra bulky gadget for their phones needs to be seen.

Developer Quotes:

“We are currently on the third iteration of Helios. The first model was developed during the Spring 2012 hackathon at Princeton University. This version was built on a trackpad platform by Robotshop and took first place int he hardware category of the hackathon. After some problems with the tracked moving parts, the second version of of Helios was built on the Boebot platform. As our development of the hardware continued, we created the third and current version with the help of SeeedStudio, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in China. The current version employs personal electronic circuits in addition to a completely new body design, manufactured through CNC and 3D plastic printing. For larger volumes, we will use injection molding for all plastic part, which also allows for a glossier look. As outlined, the pricing tiers represent actual manufacturing quotes from SeeedStudio.”


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