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Sadly, I am leaving Paris tomorrow, and I very much doubt I’ll have time today for one of my street art seeking walks, so this will be my last post showing pictures on the subject – at least until I come back, whenever that may be. (In the meantime I may do posts on the art in general, or on the artists I’m most interested in, but it’s less fun if I’m not taking the pictures, and it’s less fun if the pictures are dated.)

The news today is that, as noted in the opening ETA section of my last post, I’ve discovered – to my great delight – the artist behind the elaborate masks gracing the 11ème (after she graciously answered a query I put out about it on facebook). The artist in question is BauBô, whose very interesting website (which incorporates essays and slam poetry among photos…

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Cool Mathematical sculpture at Stony Brook University, Helaman Ferguson, Umbilic TorusCool Mathematical sculpture at Stony Brook University, Helaman Ferguson, Umbilic TorusCool Mathematical sculpture at Stony Brook University, Helaman Ferguson, Umbilic Torus

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The 24-foot high, nearly 10-ton bronze Umbilic Torus, created by Helaman Ferguson, is a mathematically inspired 3-dimensional ring with a single edge that wraps around three times before returning to its starting point. The sculpture was recently unveiled in front of the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook University, where it celebrates the fusion of mathematics and art. It took Ferguson almost two years along with a crew of artists, engineers, programmers and welders to complete the large-scale work.

Photos: Gilsanz Murray Steficek; Stony Brook University; and Henry Powderly for ThreeVillagePatch.

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Amsterdam Showcase 2012 at de Oude Kerk. Over 2500 visitors and VIPs entered the beautiful building, church ‘livingroom’ of amsterdam. We like to thank all visitors who came to visit Amsterdam Showcase 2012 and we like to congratulate all of those fabulous artists that participated and that sold, networked and partied at ClubNL to celebrate success. The press have been great, and yes it was a little cold, but everyone made the most out of it and the positive vibes could be felt throughout the stunning church!

Here are some pictures to sum up the event.




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