Leadership that gets results


Goleman’s research have put forth the ideals behind good leadership. He stresses upon the point that any leader who has achieved astounding results has never stuck to a constant leadership style and that the leadership style used on the employees must profoundly vary according to the circumstances. There is a mention of six leadership styles from the research. The first one being the coercive leadership which could resemble a kind of dictatorship through bullying and terrorising the employees for gettin the work done. This, according to Goleman is the least effective as the interest from the employees evaporate and they refuse to give the maximum for the company. The second one being the authoritative leadership which motivates the employees and gives them a sense of confidence that the specified peoject or task could be achieved. This type of leadership creates a clear vision in the employees mind. The next being the affiliative which emphasizes on building strong emotional bonds between people and gaining their trust. This brings the leader close to his/her employees by making it simpler for him/her to get things done with no fuss or cold war within the organization. The fourth is the democratic leadership where the leader can build trust and respect by asking for peoples opinions on certain matters. When the leader is unsure on some decisions, he/she can ask for ideas and opinions from the employees. Pace setting style of leadership resembles coercive one where the leader sets certain limitations, and commands his/her employees to increase the pace of the task to get it done on the right time. This type of leadership is very much ineffective. The final one is the coaching style where the leader helps their employee to develop skills. Under such a leadership, the final result could be very much effective but the process consumes time.
The research states that a good leader should show the right leadership style at the right time and that swapping between authorittive, affiliative, democratic and coaching leadership styles in organization can create wonders if used at the right moment.


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