McAfee Mcshield.dll error fix

McAfee Blank White Screen

Sorry for a non-design post. Was stuck with this bug for a week. Browsed through several communities online to fix the problem, but couldn’t. Came to an extent to which I felt I’d remove my McAfee suite completely and disable my license. It all began after a .dat update on my McAfee and the program started showing a blank white screen whenever I opened it. Initially, as any McAfee user would go about, I used the MVT or the Virtual Technician to determine the problem. It fixed several registry errors and updated my SiteAdvisor, but it also showed that I had an outdated .dat file and I MVT was unable to update it. So the next step I chose was to search for the .dat file on the McAfee download page. I downloaded the latest .dat file and tried to update my virus database manually. Unfortunately, during the update process, this message popped up; “The specified resource language ID cannot be found in the image McShield.dll:  The system cannot find the file specified.” I tried this over and over but was of no use. Initially I thought it could’ve been an issue with a registry fix I had performed using CCleaner, but even after reverting those changes, I couldn’t fix this problem. Then I tried running an ‘sfc/sannow’ on my cmd (run as an admin) window. I knew this would inspect and repair any corrupt .dll files. But the scan used to get stuck in the middle with this message; “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation”. I didn’t wanna run my system in Safe Mode, run a system restore and all that, so I skipped this method. Also tried using MalwareBytes and Stinger to find out if this was a malware issue, but didn’t help.

So how I solved it? Pretty simple. I uninstalled IE9 and McAfee from the system. Restarted the system, downloaded and re-installed McAfee from my account’s page, re-installed IE9 and enabled all the McAfee add-on’s in IE9. BOOM That solved it. So, remember, even if you don’t use IE for browsing, make sure all updates for IE and it’s add-ons are applied. This could be a problem caused due to disabling of McAfee addon’s or not updating them.


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