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After the success of Clay Pipe Music’s limited edition Shapwick CD by Jon Brooks, which sold out within a couple of hours, a 12″ vinyl version in now available to pre-order. The release features new artwork by Clay Pipe’s founder, Frances Castle and is beautifully printed on reverse mat board and limited to 500 hand numbered copies, each with a download code.

Frances Castle is represented by Arena


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Chicago based photographer and graphic designer Tim Jaroz urban cityscape illustrations.

To be a artist of this caliber has to be very strategic  not only do you have to find the inspiration, but you also have to be able to capture the exact scenery of that specific location. Painters find the inspiration and just express that on a blank canvas, though all of art is very intricate, I just find this some what more challenging. Awesome!








24_rootop7webVia: Tim Jaroz


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McAfee Blank White Screen

Sorry for a non-design post. Was stuck with this bug for a week. Browsed through several communities online to fix the problem, but couldn’t. Came to an extent to which I felt I’d remove my McAfee suite completely and disable my license. It all began after a .dat update on my McAfee and the program started showing a blank white screen whenever I opened it. Initially, as any McAfee user would go about, I used the MVT or the Virtual Technician to determine the problem. It fixed several registry errors and updated my SiteAdvisor, but it also showed that I had an outdated .dat file and I MVT was unable to update it. So the next step I chose was to search for the .dat file on the McAfee download page. I downloaded the latest .dat file and tried to update my virus database manually. Unfortunately, during the update process, this message popped up; “The specified resource language ID cannot be found in the image McShield.dll:  The system cannot find the file specified.” I tried this over and over but was of no use. Initially I thought it could’ve been an issue with a registry fix I had performed using CCleaner, but even after reverting those changes, I couldn’t fix this problem. Then I tried running an ‘sfc/sannow’ on my cmd (run as an admin) window. I knew this would inspect and repair any corrupt .dll files. But the scan used to get stuck in the middle with this message; “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation”. I didn’t wanna run my system in Safe Mode, run a system restore and all that, so I skipped this method. Also tried using MalwareBytes and Stinger to find out if this was a malware issue, but didn’t help.

So how I solved it? Pretty simple. I uninstalled IE9 and McAfee from the system. Restarted the system, downloaded and re-installed McAfee from my account’s page, re-installed IE9 and enabled all the McAfee add-on’s in IE9. BOOM That solved it. So, remember, even if you don’t use IE for browsing, make sure all updates for IE and it’s add-ons are applied. This could be a problem caused due to disabling of McAfee addon’s or not updating them.

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imagesApple-iWatch-is-Said-to-be-in-Development-with-100-Product-Designers-01-630x420APPLE iWATCH

Apple the company with the desire to make the very best products in the world
might be close to addressing their recent sales slump, that started in September, with the Apple iwatch. (Pics are tech geeks guesses at what it might look like)
Apple fans could soon be introduced to wearable technology, well at least its not another thing to bulk up our pockets and bags with, there are currently 100 product designers from across Apples many departments that are involved suggesting that we might see this Apple iwatch in production sometime soon.
We at Trap-ped are Apple fans there is no denying it, so yeah we are pretty happy to know that the company could be going in a new direction with the electronics industry.
Are you an Apple fan? Are u excited? Leave us a comment.
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